Brubaker Bridge

This historic bridge, built in 1887 across Sam's Run Creek, has a ghost story that dates from the 1930s. Some teenagers, returning from a party at the Grange Hall, took the curve wrong and wrecked inside the covered bridge. How many people died remained a mystery for a long time, since who was actually in the car was never established, and the bodies were thrown everywhere. One boy in particular was thought to have disappeared when he'd actually gotten a ride with his doomed friends. As a result his body was not looked for, and it remained hidden in the underbrush beside Sam's Run for years before being washed away.

Ever since the bodies were collected, people have reported weird things happening when they drive through Brubaker Bridge. Your engine will die, and there's a hissing sound: "Shhhhh." Then you'll hear a distinct tapping sound on the glass of your car window--the sound of the unfound boy, trying to tell you where he is.

To get to this bridge, leave Gratis heading west on Route 122, then turn left onto Township Road 328.

The Brubaker Covered Bridge - 1887 - Preble Co., Ohio
Invisible Ink: The Accidental Apparition