University Plaza Theater

Kent's University Plaza Theater, off the campus of Kent State, is the home of a ghost who sometimes sits in the seats in the theater and makes trouble in the projection booth.

A former employee at the Plaza sent me this information about the haunting there:

Just thought I'd drop you a note about the Plaza and my experience working the Plaza Theatres in Kent, Ohio, while in college. The hhost for whatever reason sticks primarily to the smaller, older part of the building, and the theatres on the east end. He has a particular distaste for horror movies and during The Sixth Sense (among others) he sent the entire reel off the platter and into a pile on the projection booth floor. To access the marquee you had to walk down past all the old projection booths and into a room at the very end, and there was a time when the feeling of being watched was so intense that I sprinted past the old booths and up the ladder to change the lettering on a Thursday night. The projectionists often joked about him messing with their tools and such.