The Headless Motorcyclist

One of the most talked-about ghost stories is the Elmore Ghost Rider, whose story is related in an old issue of the Journal of the Ohio Folklore Society. Apparently once a year (or maybe more often) a headless motorcyclist repeats his final trip across a bridge near the town of Elmore.

His origin story, although almost certainly legend, goes like this: when the guy got back from World War One, he discovered that his girlfriend had shacked up with another man. In a rage he hopped on his motorcycle and drove off down the winding road. Maybe it was raining. Maybe he killed them first. It all depends on who you ask. But ultimately he wrecked and died, either on the bridge or shortly thereafter. Today it's said that if you stand on the bridge at the right time the motorcycle will really mess you up. If you stand to the side it'll pass you by.

I've gotten word that the police used to park at this bridge on certain nights making sure no one would stop and get out to investigate, because it had gotten to be such a nuisance. As of late no one seems to know exactly which bridge it is--something the local police are probably happy about. But according to a few e-mails I've received, the bridge is located just across the county line in Sandusky County, near the town of Lindsey, at the place where Fought Road crosses Mud Creek. Check it out and let me know what happens.



Gerrick, David J. Ohio's Ghostly Greats. Dayton: Dayton Press, 1982. pp. 75-76.