The Bagley House

Near the tiny town of White Cottage is an abandoned house known locally as the Bagley House. People from the area have written to me that this one is "for real haunted"--that you can see things inside the house and hear laughter in the barn. To find it and see for yourself, take Limestone Valley Road past Sidwell Materials, then turn right about half a mile further on. The empty house will be on your left.

Trisha writes with the following firsthand account of a visit to the Bagley House:

I have actually been there and I will definitely say that this house is haunted. I could see a woman in the upstairs window motioning us to leave; nobody else saw her but me. A friend of mine saw a little girl in the living room. There was writing on the walls, and it looked as if it had been written in blood. Out by the barn all I could hear was the crying of a little boy.