Pattys House

Patty's House is a ruin on the Old National Trail Riding Center near Englewood. Near it is a springhouse and a sinister-looking hanging tree. Legend has it that the Pattys sisters were hung from the tree by a relative. They are said to scream and chill the air in the area.

To get to Patty's House, go to the Old National Trail Riding Center, 930 Patty's Road, in Englewood. Park at the stable lot, then turn left out of the parking lot and walk about a hundred yards up the road until you see a dirt road blocked by posts. Walk up that road to the hanging tree and house site, which is nothing but a foundation today.

Below is a personal encounter with something strange at Patty's House.

I was out riding on a horse named Navarre, and decided to stop at the Spring house, where patty's family is supposedly buried. Every noise in the entire forest stopped, birds bugs etc. At about that time Navarre got very excited, wild eyed, blowing out of his nose very hard. I almost couldnt keep control of him. Well just then I looked up to the tree and saw a piece of rope hanging from it. Realizing this was the lynch tree Mr Patty was hung on, I mounted and took off. I have no idea if the rope was there before, or even if it was just some joke, but it definitely gave me that "feeling" Navarre took off extremely fast and was uncontrollably spooking. He ran all the way back to the barn and gets antsy every time he's near the spring house. Like I said, my co-workers have had much more intense experiences there, but that was enough for me!