Dayton Masonic Center

Built in the years 1926-28, the Dayton Masonic Center (formerly the Dayton Masonic Temple) is listed on the National Registry of Historic Places. Its riverfront location makes it a prominent landmark in the city of Dayton. It is haunted by unexplained high-heeled footsteps and the not unpleasant ghost of a man named George who was a Mason in 1962. The basement level may be haunted, if reports are true, and the sitting room on the main floor is haunted by a man who died while watching TV there. The Commandery Asylum (a meeting room on the third floor) has a spirit which seems to roam the balcony at will.

Here's a personal account of brushes with the paranormal at the Masonic Center, sent to me by Kerry from Dayton:

My husband and I have been active for many years at the Dayton Masonic Center, and I've had the opportunity to talk to the indoor security people about their experiences with the hauntings. The elevators tend to have minds of their own (I was caught on one once--it kept taking me back and forth to the same level, in spite of my best efforts to go to the main floor), water fountains will turn on with no one near, and a woman's footsteps have certainly been heard walking along the main floor hallway.

I also had an experience on the basement level, where I thought I saw a friend of mine leaving the womens' restroom/lounge. At least, I saw what looked like a shadow of a shorter, matronly figure, crossing from the lounge to the dining room. So I dashed to catch up and say hello, only to find that I was the only one on the floor.

Special thanks to Ryan for the picture.