The Bessie Little Bridge

The ghost of a murdered girl named Bessie Little returns regularly to this bridge on Ridge Street. She was murdered there on August 27, 1896, by her boyfriend, Albert J. Frantz. Bessie was pregnant and Albert didn't want to have to marry her, so he shot her in the head and arranged the scene to suggest a suicide. For some reason, however, he shot her twice, so it was obvious that she hadn't done it to herself. On November 19, 1897, Albert J. Frantz #28896 was strapped into the electric chair at the Ohio Penitentiary in Columbus and put to death for first degree murder. Back in Montgomery County, Bessie Little's ghost continues to haunt the bridge.

A cursory search for the bridge in question will reveal that there is no Ridge Street in Dayton. The closest thing Mapquest can find appears to be Lookout Ridge Street. Once I visit Lookout Ridge I'll update this page with whatever there is to learn.

For twelve years, In high school and college and afterward, I lived on a Ridge Street in Columbus. I'm just sayin.



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