The Mongoid House

The Mongoid House (apparently a bastardization of "Mongoloid House," but so much more common now that it's only known by the nonsense name) is located in Marion County on Salem Road, near Salem Church. It is a run-down white house with an even older barn beside it. The story goes that a Civil War veteran who lived there killed his wife and children and then hung himself in the barn. Today if you visit the barn you might hear the strange noises which many report. The house is also said to be haunted, although it was merely built on the site of the murder house and is not original.

Reproduced below is a report I got from the Mongoid House:

Last night me and four friends investigated the Mongoid House on Salem Road in Marion County. We weren't there long but we did come across something puzzling. We pulled into the drive and parked right beside the road; the place is condemned and we didnt want to get arrested or anything. But as soon as the headlights hit the house we all felt an eerie feeling inside--all of us swore we saw someone standing in front of the house! However there was no one. One of my friends got scared and said she wanted to go back so we let her and another friend go back to the car, so then there were just three of us and we had almost gotten back to the house when suddenly the two girls shouted at us that a car was coming and we needed to come back. They thought it was a cop. I turned around quickly, seeing headlights coming down the wrong side of the road, and took off running to the car. I jumped into the car and I realized that the car that was coming down the road had just dissapeared--it never went by the house and it never turned off of the road.

Now, my friend that backed out of the trip had gone out there the night before with her brother at about the same time and they too saw the car come at them and then disappear! I'm not sure but I think this event occurs every night at around 9PM.

This is another part to the legend that I hadn't heard, but it might actually be something that happens. Then again, it might just be somebody who lives out there coming home from work at 9PM. It probably doesn't have anything to do with a Civil War veteran, since I don't imagine many of them lived long enough to drive cars. Maybe a few.