Van Wagener Road

This ghost story comes courtesy of Haunted Ohio II and the Madison Press, Halloween 1991 edition. It occurs on "the Van Wagener Road, south of London." The story takes place in 1954, and the road has since lost the "Van" and been shortened to Wagener Road.

According to Dorothy Phillips Amling, her brother was driving home on this road on "a foggy autumn night" about a mile west of Madden-Higgins Road (also MIA) when he was flagged down by a woman in a wispy white nightgown. Not only was her gown wispy--she was herself transparent, and she floated a foot or so off the ground.

Amling's brother was frightened, but he stayed long enough to hear the woman beg for his help. "Help me, help me, I need help," she repeated.

He asked the ghost what was wrong, but she never seemed to be able to answer, so he sped off into the night.

Later it came to light that a woman had disappeared that very night from an old tenant house nearby. She and her husband had been fighting a lot. One day, according to the husband, he came back from the field and found her missing. It wasn't until a week later that they found her body in a well on the property. The husband was never charged with a crime, since it couldn't be determined for sure that he had pushed her in, but he was suspected by many people.

Does the woman's specter still haunt the mysterious road near the well where she met her doom? If you can find the right road some autumn night you might find out.

Ghosts of Ohio: A Late Night Encounter



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