Ravine Park Cemetery

Sylvania's Ravine Park Cemetery is said to be haunted by the ghost of a woman who is unhappy because her parents couldn't decide which of her three husbands to bury her with.

A frustrating trip to Sylvania turned up a big cemetery, but it isn't called Ravine Park. I've since gotten better directions and will spend a night in Ravine Park sometime soon. Maybe the girl will show up.

Apparently she has for other people. I received the following account from a ghost hunter in NW Ohio:

My friends and I are doing investigations in Lucas County in the Toledo area. Just this previous evening on October fifth around ten in the evening my friends and I decided to go to Ravine Park Cemetery. It is located across from Flower Hospital, almost near the Toledo Memorial Cemetery. We witnessed the haunting of the lady tonight. There were no signs that said no trespassing and there are no gates so I pulled my car into the road that leads the cemetery. We then got out and started walking around the cemetery. We walked around for about twenty minutes without hearing or seeing anything. Suddenly one of my friends and I turned and looked toward the front of the cemetery and there was the ghost. She had dark hair and a white dress and seemed to be gliding in the front part of the cemetery. We quickly got back to the car and turned on my headlights and began driving, and she was nowhere to be seen. You could tell she was gliding, as there was no up and down motion of someone walking, and she went by so quickly. The Ravine Cemetery is haunted, and we will be returning again soon to investigate more.

I'll definitely have to check Ravine Park out on a return visit to Toledo.