Oliver House

The hulking brick building which stands at 27 Broadway Street in Toledo is an historic landmark known as the Oliver House. An unconfirmed legend says that Abraham Lincoln slept here. If he did, it was not long after the place was built, in 1859. During the Spanish-American War, wounded soldiers were tended to in the upstairs rooms. In its early days it was one of Toledo's premiere hotels, overlooking the Middlegrounds, a railroad hub, immigration center, and marketplace.

Today you can visit the Oliver House via the restaurants and bars which occupy its different sections. The Maumee Bay Brewing Company is one; in the basement you'll find a brew pub known as Mutz, pictured above and reviewed in an Independent Collegian article here. (The article also mentions the ghost stories and briefly cites Forgotten Ohio.)

One room in particular at the Oliver House is said to be haunted: the Pool Room. A ghost called "The Captain" has been seen here in full uniform. He also appears in a certain hallway. During renovation the ghosts were particularly active. And it turns out Oliver House was built on top of that old favorite, an Indian burial ground.

For more information about the Oliver House and its resident businesses, call (419) 243-1302.

Independent Collegian article: "Mutz: Weekend Must"