Fallen Timbers

The Battle of Fallen Timbers, August 20 1794, was a seminal event in Ohio's colonization by white folks. General "Mad" Anthony Wayne and his men (including William Henry Harrison) defeated a coalition of Indians under Blue Jacket, ending British occupation of northern and eastern Ohio. It was the victory at Fallen Timbers which forced the Indians to sign the Treaty of Greene Ville and cede these lands to the settlers.

Thirty-three of Mad Anthony's men were killed in battle, compared to twice that number of Indians--a fairly bloody battle. Now they say that the ghosts of the participants return to the battlefield under certain occasions and re-enact the conflict. August 20 is one day when they can generally be counted on to show up, and "stormy nights" are also popular. Fallen Timbers is now a park and historic site not far from Maumee.

Ohio History Central: Battle of Fallen Timbers