Union Lake

The apparition of a young boy appears sometimes at sunset, floating just above the surface of Union Lake near Johnstown. He was particularly active in the 1960s, when he could be relied on to float from one end of the lake to the other on a regular basis, but he may still appear.

The boy lost his life in the relatively shallow lake because a local farmer used it as a dumping site. He threw a lot of leftover sections of metal fencing into the water, where they rusted and became a nuisance for fishermen, who lose lures there all the time. The nameless little boy decided to go swimming in the lake, got caught in the rusty fence, and drowned before his father could reach him. The distraught father, according to rumor, then killed himself in his car rather than carry the news to his wife.

Ever since, mysterious fogs have covered the surface of the water regardless of time of day or temperature. The fog will part in a straight line across the water. If you fish there after dark you're likely to hear a child's giggle at the other end of the lake, followed by a frantic splashing.

A less reliable haunting rumor involves a teenager who died when he wrecked his three-wheeler on a tree stump in the 1980s.