The Buxton Inn

The Buxton Inn in Granville is one of Ohio's best-known haunted places. Built in 1812 by Orin Granger as a post office and stagecoach stop on the Columbus-Newark route, it is one of the oldest continuously operating inns in the state.

The ghosts of the Buxton Inn are almost exclusively those of former owners. Orin Granger himself appears sometimes as a ghostly man in blue who eats pies from the pantry.

Major Buxton, who operated the inn between 1865 and 1905, is often seen in a chair beside the dining room fireplace. People warming their hands at the fire have seen disembodied hands next to theirs.

Ethel "Bonnie" Bounell operated the Buxton Inn from 1934 to 1960. Known as the "blue lady," she tends to haunt rooms seven and nine. Room nine is also haunted by the ghostly cat whose picture decorates the sign out front.

The basement of the Buxton is another likely place to find some ghosts. It's where the team drivers slept when the building was first constructed, and today it's the site of numerous cold spots and strange noises. Footsteps are heard on the floorboards above, and doors open and close on their own.

From what I hear, the Buxton is fairly reasonable. You can view their official website at And try to get room 7 or 9.