Woodland Cemetery

Woodland Cemetery in Ironton is said to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman whose abusive husband killed her by throwing her down a flight of stairs. A life-sized statue of her stands above her grave, and a handprint appears on its cheek even after the cheek has been sandblasted. The statue is supposed to be warm all the time, even in the coldest months.

Woodlawn is also said to be home to the ghost of a Russian ballerina, who is entombed in one of the family mausoleums. Her likeness is caved into the mausoleum. On nights with full moons, it is said, you can see her dancing outside her final resting place.

Dr. Joseph W. Lowry also haunts Woodland, seeking vengeance for his murder and mutilation; to read his story, click here. Dr. Lowry is often seen with his mother, who died from a broken neck when she was thrown from her carriage by a spooked horse. They walk together toward the cemetery gates but never make it past the highway bridge.