Madison Seminary

This venerable edifice has seen use as--originally--a home for "war widows" after the Civil War; a "county home" for the poor; a low-level mental ward; a police station; and a seminary. Now it's a nursery.

The spirits might come from any period in this long and varied history. They are so active that their voices are audible to anyone who cares to stop and listen, seeming to come from the very walls. A very creepy doll kept there is haunted by a little girl named Sarah. Upstairs the halls are still patrolled by a legendarily mean nurse. Kitchen chairs are said to move back and forth across the floor by themselves.

Kylie, with the Mid-Ohio Paranormal Exploration Researchers (MOPER), describes it as the most active haunting she has encountered. She took this photo of the Sarah doll.

Mid-Ohio Paranormal Exploration Researchers
"Creepy Doll" by Jonathan Coulton