Lake Erie College

Various hauntings at Lake Erie College in Painesville.

College Hall
A girl named Stephanie haunts College Hall. She was a student at Lake Erie in the 1800s, when it was an all-girls school, and she had an affair with a professor and got pregnant. When he showed no inclination to marry her, she hung herself from the fourth-floor belltower. She roams the closed-off fourth floor and is spotted from outside. Lights always seem to be on in one of the fourth-story windows, even when the building is closed for the night. An Ameritech worker who was installing wiring alone on Stephanie's floor supposedly fled in terror, leaving his equipment behind.

Morley Music Hall
It's not hard to feel the presence of one of the Morleys who haunt the eponymous Music Hall. You might also see Mrs. Morley, who floats in a long white gown down the staircase. She has been known to order students out of the building, and also slams doors when music is played badly. One piano player heard a door slam every time she hit the wrong key. The building was closed for a while, and it was whispered that they'd sealed it off because of Mrs. Morley's angry spirit. Stephanie, from College Hall, might also visit this building; she gains access through a large mirror in the social parlor.

Fine Arts Building
The theater's green room, used by the drama department for rehearsal and some storage, is haunted by a presence which surrounds students and makes them feel uncomfortable for no good reason. Maybe it has something to do with the figure of a man with "dark, tough skin" who is seen roaming the Fine Arts Building at odd hours.

Andrews Dorm
Mary Evans, who was president of the college more than a century ago, haunts this dorm for reasons unknown. The dorm building wasn't built until the turn of the twentieth century, but Mary Evans plagues it with poltergeist activity--knocking things off shelves and off walls, slamming doors, moving things.

Fowler Dorm
The mirrors of the Fowler Dorm are haunted by a spirit who appears to be standing off to the side, behind the viewer. Some say it's the image of a female student with long brown hair who died in the building years ago.