Sarah's House

According to local lore, Sarah was a witch and a devil worshipper who practiced the black arts in and around Greer, a lonely village in the northeast corner of Knox County. She lived in a house with her husband, who was so jealous that when he discovered his wife with another man, he cut off her head and placed it in a jar. The rest of her body was buried in a conventional grave alongside the road.

Later, her husband hung himself in the living room, possibly remorseful for what he'd done. His body can still be seen on moonlit nights, hanging in the living room of the old house.

But it's Sarah's ghost who is more active. She still walks the roadside in search of her head, while the cabin where she performed most of her black magic has a death curse on it. It is behind her old house and the door is locked with a padlock featuring a four-eyed devil. The devil's eyes glow at night; if you manage to make it past the locked door and into the witch's cabin, you'll be cursed to an early grave.

The folklore collection this story is taken from includes rather confusing directions to the house. Although the date on the collection is 1982 and the story itself was probably recorded ten years before that, here is what they say about finding Sarah's House:

From the bridge in Greer turn right and go about five miles, an old gray-white house with a cabin behind it can be seen. Further up the road is the grave.



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