Blue Banks

The high cliffs of blue shale which tower over the Huron River are known locally as Blue Banks. This region is where a white settler named Sanduski fell in love with a beautiful Indian girl. The girl wanted nothing to do with Sanduski, already having been engaged to a brave from her tribe.

Sanduski wouldn't take no for an answer. He followed her one day to Blue Banks and attacked her. She fell into the river below and was washed downstream, where she lay for several days, badly injured.

Upon discovering his fiancee's condition, the Indian brave hunted Sanduski down and administered an excruciatingly slow death; he was skinned alive, inch by inch, screaming in agony the entire time. Today if you stand on the Blue Banks, along Lammeraux Road north of Monroeville, you might be able to hear the Indian girl's spirit singing a sad song.



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