A Georgian Manner

The Bed and Breakfast known as A Georgian Manner, located on Lake Logan, is haunted by spirits from the end of the nineteenth century. Some have reported seeing ghostly children playing on the porch in period clothes.

But more often the spirit encountered is that of Mr. John Engle, the original owner of the large, pillared house. He was murdered on March 10, 1898, when someone poisoned his morning coffee with strychnine. His wife, who had tried unsuccessfully to divorce him, was tried for the crime but acquitted. Now guests report seeing an apparition in the house, sometimes on the stairs, sometimes in a window, sometimes floating over their bed. Is it John Engle, unable to rest until his murder is solved? Or is he angry that the woman who did it got away with the crime? It's hard to tell. You can rent a room at the "Georgian Manner" Bed & Breakfast by calling 1-800-606-1840 or booking through their official website.

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