Turkeyfoot Creek

A white ghost on horseback is said to guard buried treasure on the inside bend of Turkeyfoot Creek, near the village of Shunk in Henry County--formerly part of Ohio's notorious Black Swamp. Indians buried it there following their defeat by Mad Anthony Wayne at Fallen Timbers; it is thought to be about $40,000 in gold sheets, soldiers' pay stolen from the Army paymaster en route to Fort Defiance. The Indians, who migrated to Oklahoma Territory, intended to retrieve the gold when they returned to take back their land from the white man. As we all know, things didn't go as planned for the Indians, and now they say that the gold is buried somewhere on the bank of the creek, waiting for someone to dig in the right place.

Plenty of people have made attempts to find the Turkeyfoot treasure, but none have succeeded, and many are discouraged by the spectral white horseman. One boy named Thurmon Dresbach was using an iron rod to poke through the mud when his parents heard him scream in terror and found him unconscious and in shock. When he was able to speak he talked about "a white ghost on a big horse." Another person who tried to find the gold was a stranger who wandered the Turkeyfoot Creek area with trained coon dogs for several weeks in 1926, always after dark. He was discovered in a state similar to that of Thurmon Dresbaugh: unconscious, lying on State Route 109. When revived the next day he wouldn't say what he'd seen, but he was gone by the following morning.



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