Ohio Northern University
Ohio Northern University

Ohio Northern University stands in the middle of the flat farm country of Hardin County, east of Lima. Its campus ghost stories are related below.

Presser Hall
This building is haunted by a ghost named Brad who supposedly died on his way to recital there. He bangs on pipes whenever a song is played in D minor, which is apparently his least favorite key, and sometimes swings the chandelier in the recital hall to the tempo of the music.

Clark Hall
This residence hall is home to a ghost named Phoebe who walks the halls at night. Phoebe is a pretty scary ghost. Aside from being sighted walking around, she was once spotted pulling herself up through a ceiling panel in one of the dorm rooms. A girl living here once had a dream about pieces of paper spelling out a message about a dead girl; when she asked who died, the papers formed an arrow pointing to a fireplace. The girl woke up and checked the fireplace and discovered a memorial plaque dedicated to Phoebe.

Stambaugh Hall
A shadowy male figure haunts one of the bathrooms in this now co-ed dorm. When it was girls-only the figure caused more of a stir, but it's been sighted a few times by guys as well. He walks toward the showers and disappears whenever approached.

Lehr-Kennedy House
This building is the student developmental center, and is the site of ghostly footsteps heard by employees late at night. Lights in certain rooms go on and off by themselves, and spectral music is sometimes heard. The ghost may be that of Henry Lehr, after whom the house is named.

This oddly-named girls' dorm at ONU was once a fraternity house. One night at the frat the guys were playing "Donkey Kong" with the new pledges, throwing kegs down the stairs at them as they ran up. One of the pledges was hit on the head and killed, and the college shut the frat down and later turned it into a girls' dorm. One of the girls committed suicide here. She is sometimes sighted in her room, and the unfortunate pledge is occasionally spotted running up the stairs.

Heterick Memorial Library
Not much in the way of hauntings in the library, but it is a likely candidate; the Hetericks, after whom it is named, are entombed in the walls. Very weird.