The Taft Museum of Art

The Taft Museum is a wooden structure in Cincinnati built in 1820 by Martin Baum. Many owners later it landed in the hands of Charles Phelps Taft, half-brother of President William Howard Taft. He and his wife Annie turned it into a museum and donated it to the city in 1932.

Many ghosts haunt the halls of the Taft Museum, but the best-known is that of Annie herself. She wears a long pink gown and is sighted listening to music sometimes. Another ghost is that of a man, and may be David Sinton, Annie's father. He died in the house.

Other ghosts do creepy things like walk around at night and say people's names. Items fall from the gift shop's shelves with surprising regularity. Guests are sometimes tapped on the shoulder by invisible presences. And the spectral cries of a baby are often heard by staff and visitors alike.

Visit the Taft Museum's website at, or go there in person. It's located at 316 Pike Street in Cincinnati, (513) 241-0343.