Rapid Run Middle School

The auditorium of this Cincinnati junior high is haunted by the ghost of a man who fell off a ladder and died while the building was being put up. He's prankish in a general, theater ghost sort of way, playing with the lights and moving chairs around during assemblies.

The playground has its own, unrelated spirits. These dead children play on the swingset and run the trails nearby.

This story about Rapid Run was e-mailed to me:

One afternoon I decided to take my three-year-old daughter up to the park to play on the new gym set. My son walked up there with us and my fifteen-year-old daughter as well. We decided to take the path that led past the old swings and upper ball fields. When we got to the swings my son stopped and stared at a swing that was moving in a slow arc. I too saw the wispy haze of a young child staring back at us. We didn't speak to the child but did hear her giggle, then vanish. After we passed the swing we turned and looked back and again she was swinging, only now she had a friend with her. There are four swings on this set and only the second swing on the right would move. It wasn't a gentle breeze nor any wind; it was very clear out that day.