Mother of Mercy High School

Sister Mary Carlos haunts this building, which was built in the 1920s. She tends to disturb the theater department (the auditorium is named after her), which has led the drama teacher to ceremonially ask her permission before each performance. Otherwise, something will go wrong.

Katie, who has a friend who participated in Mother of Mercy's theater program, describes it this way:

Sister Mary Carlos does indeed haunt the theatre department, and does get rather irrated when the director forgets to invite her. My friend, Jen, told me about the tradition there. On the night of the last dress rehearsal before opening night, the director and the stage manager stay after everyone has left, and formally invite Sister Mary Carlos to the opening show. It's a very odd thing for a Catholic school to be doing, a ceremony complete with candles, but its the theatre, anything goes. Any way, my friend's senior year, the director forgot to invite the Sister to the opening show. Apparently, she loves to play pranks with walkie - talkies. These are used to communicate scene changes and such backstage with out running around like a maniac. That night, she messed with them constantly, and moved the props around so that my friend, who was props head, couldn't find them half the time. The director remedied the situation by inviting Sister Carlos to the show and appolgizing profusely. The next night, everything was alright again.