Buffalo Ridge

Buffalo Ridge is an area of Hamilton County located west of Cincinnati in a heavily wooded pocket of the state near the Indiana border. The many legends associated with this creepy wooded road seem to center around an abandoned crematory located somewhere far back on the Ridge, which may or may not have been the site of a cult sacrifice at some point in the past. The ghosts occupy this building and sometimes wander across the road as well.

An abandoned house with dilapidated barns and junked cars on its lawn is also the site of some scary happenings. Lights are seen there at night even though no one has lived there for years. If you go up the driveway supposedly you will see a witch in one of the windows.

A park along the road is haunted by the ghost of a little boy who was killed in the road by a hit-and-run driver who was never caught. The stain his mangled body left smeared on the asphalt has never gone away. Possibly associated with this is the malevolent black van with tinted windows that is said to chase unlucky travellers on Buffalo Ridge. Is it the vehicle that ran the little boy down years ago?

Buffalo Ridge is also located near the legendary Tiny Town, and I once spent the better part of an evening driving up and down the road looking for it. Apparently it's located nearby but not actually on Buffalo Ridge.