G. Stanley Hall

This building was once part of Antioch College, but now it is vacant and boarded up. It stands at the corner of Corry and Allen Streets, near the elementary school.

According to reports I've gotten, this 1860s mansion is haunted by ghosts who take the form of floating mists and optical distortions. They drifted through the halls when the building was still in use, scaring the occasional student, and may still roam the unoccupied G. Stanley Hall.

The following account was sent to me by a website visitor:

I would like to share an incident I had with G. Stanley Hall. It was when I was 15 years old, around summer 1996. I went with my older sister and a couple of friends at night to the hall. At that time the second floor was not boarded up; however, the first floor was. And at that time you could climb up to the second floor by a ladder or a close tree and enter through one of the windows. Well, two of my sister's friends decided to check the interior of the house. Me and my sister decided to stay outside and wait. For one, I had a bad feeling about the hall when we first drove up to it. Second, basically, I didn't have the courage. Anyway, me and my sister waited patiently for them to come back out. Meanwhile I was exploring around the outside of the hall. I noticed a few typewriters and old furniture that had been appeared to have been thrown out from the windows of the second floor. While I was exploring I could have sworn I heard unusual noises coming from inside the hall, but I just figured it was them exploring inside. Well, about 15 minutes later they came bolting out of the second floor window and got down to the ground as fast as they could. Once on the ground they stopped to catch their breath,and let me tell you, I never have seen anybody more pale in my life. Me and my sister asked her friends what happened. The two male friends said that they stayed quiet in a room and could hear stuff moving about on the first floor. I guess one of them decided to to explore it and walked down the hall to the set of stairs. Once they hit the top of the stairs, all the doors began to slam shut, and a blast of air or something knocked one of them down at the top of the stairs. When he got up he could feel nothing but cold air around him. That's when he ran back to the room where the other guy was and they both got the hell out of there.


Linn, Patricia L. Antioch Record. Vol. 57, Issue 24: Spring2002.