Fulton County Historical Museum

The Fulton County Historical Museum in Wauseon is crawling with ghosts of all sorts, according to employees and some visitors. Built in 1868 and alternately used as a high school, apartment house, and hospital, the museum building is a likely candidate for ghost stories.

One ghost is that of a young boy. He is seen all over the house. For years children have knocked on the door asking to play with the little boy they saw in the window.

Another ghost is that of a lady in a Victorian blouse and red skirt. She is seen in the window too.

An elderly woman haunts the parlor. A woman is said to have hung herself upstairs. Her ghost, along with numerous others, roams the building.

According to employees, something threw acorns at them one year while they were decorating the museum Christmas tree. Maybe if you visit the museum you'll come across something. Let me know if you do.