The Worley Plumbing Building

The old Worley Plumbing building is on Front Street in the Brewery District. Long ago, part of the building was used as a stable for workhorses. When it caught fire, a woman was killed. Today the woman is seen occasionally inside, especially late at night.

Until they went under, locally owned alternative radio station CD101.1 FM was housed in the Worley Building, and the overnight deejay sometimes saw an apparition in the studio. A former on-air personality at CD101 brought her daughter to work with her one day and ended up having an encounter with the ghost. Her daugher was asleep on the floor when a heavy piece of station equipment nearly fell on her; her mom was holding it up, trying to wake her, because the thing was so heavy it might have killed the little girl. The girl woke up and moved just in time. Later, she asked her mom who the lady was who had woken her up and told her to move; it wasn't her mom, but a different lady entirely.

So the ghost may have saved someone's life. At least it's friendly.