Watkins Road Bridge

The little bridge which spans a little creek on Watkins Road in southeast Columbus is said to be haunted by a woman who died in a car accident there and whose head can be seen in the trees overhead if you stop there and honk your horn three times. Another version tells of a mother who lost her baby in the icy water beneath the bridge. Still another dates back to when it was a covered bridge; supposedly a girl and her boyfriend were parked inside when the boyfriend decided to carve their initials in the wood. After he finished he was struck by a speeding car and killed. After that, you could go to the bridge at night and, if you were lucky, see the carving glow and hear the sound of the girlfriend's sobs.

I used to drive this way to work every day, and would often stop and try this, but I found that it never worked. It seems more likely that the legend arose back when the bridge was a creepy old covered structure; they've rebuilt it into a wide freeway-looking thing. But who knows, try it sometime.