Schmidt's Sausage Haus

Schmidt's, on Jaeger Street in German Village, is probably my vote for best restaurant in Columbus. The atmosphere is almost as good as the food (which is excellent--I recommend the Alpine Chicken Spatzel). The brick structure was built in 1886 and has served variously as a slaughterhouse, a horse stable, and a meat packing and sales house.

The ghost or ghosts at Schmidt's seem to be friendly. J. Fred Schmidt, the original owner, is probably one of them. People occasionally see a friendly old man in a mirror, or feel someone brush past them. Chairs are dragged out of place in the banquet room when no one else is there.

During a recent visit to Schmidt's with my family, I asked the waitress if she had ever seen the ghost. She said another employee claims to have seen him. She also said that one day they were closing and they heard footsteps on the second floor; when she asked what they were, she was told rather nonchalantly that it was "just the ghost."



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