Roberts Road Haunted House

This unoccupied farmhouse on Roberts Road in Hilliard is supposed to have been the site of a mass murder. The patriarch of the family who lived here killed his wife and children with an axe and then hung himself with a chain at the foot of the main staircase. Today he appears, a ghostly figure with a gray beard, in and around the house, and whispers scary things like "Get out" to trespassers in his home.

I must stipulate at this point that I've heard from the irate owner of the property, who wants everyone to know that there's never been an axe murder at her house, although there is a rumor of a suicide at a house nearby where you can see the victim hanging from the tree on certain nights--or could, before it burned to the ground. Apparently that's the story that's been told in the area for years, and now that the original house is gone, people looking for the haunted house have latched onto this empty white one as a likely candidate. The woman who e-mailed me has had problems with vandalism and break-ins at her house for a while now. I offered to put her side of the story up on here (and I have), but she's quite upset with me and apparently thinks she can sue me to make me change the website to suit her convenience. Fun stuff. Also fun is the fact that she or people she knows (children and grandchildren, I believe) decided for a while to send me tons of e-mails with nice messages like "FUCK U" and misspelled insults of all kinds.

Anyway, if you're going to check the Roberts Road haunted house out, please do it respectfully, don't trespass, and bear in mind that the stories told about it are almost certainly rooted in nothing more than legend. The original haunted house in the area burned down some time ago.