Palace of Death
by H.M. Fogle, 1908

Chapter 22
Lafayette Prince
May 29, 1895

A Clevelander who pursued his pure-minded and faithful wife after she had left him and brutally split her head in twain with an ax. He was possessed of an insatiable desire to satisfy his brutal passions on other women, this leading to the separation. Hanged May 29, 1895.

Temper and Lust Bring Punishment

Of what does human happiness consist? As we look back upon some of the misspent lives of men who have been executed in this and other countries, we are obliged to admit that some of these unfortunate men had about all that life offered in the way of happiness.

Misuse of their opportunities, and abuse of their privileges brought them to a quick realization of the fact that the way of the transgressor is indeed hard.

In the short history of the life of Lafayette Prince, serial number 26,358, the reader's attention is called to the fact that he had all that goes to make up a happy home--a loving and dutiful wife and a little son who was as bright a child as you will see in any family. Prince had good health, was regularly employed, and not given to excessive drinking. Yet he deliberately threw away all these things and died an ignominious death, due to the inability to curb his fiery temper, and the refusal to put a curb on his lust.

A more beautiful day never dawned than that to which the people of Cuyahoga County opened their eyes on Sept. 7, 1894. The sun shone brightly, the birds sang amid the foliage of the trees, and all nature seemed to be imbued with a pleasant feeling for their fellow-man. Peace seemed to be in the very air.

The Columbian Exposition was in full sway at Chicago, and in a neat little Ohio home there was the bustle and confusion usually to be found immediately preceding the departure of a family on a visit of pleasure. A little boy stood with wide, wondering eyes, watching the preparations. He knew not the meaning of the words "World's Fair," but he could see from the conduct of his parents that something out of the usual run of enjoyment was in store for him and he felt elated accordingly.

"Lafe," said the woman, on this, the morning of their departure, "you must promise me that you will be good while we are in Chicago. There will be many pretty girls there who will be looking

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Palace of Death
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