Memorial Hall

Up until the late 90s, Franklin County Memorial Hall was buried beneath the false front of COSI, the Center for Science and Industry. Before COSI, though, it hosted a wide variety of events. Supposedly, sometime in the 1920s, a little girl died in a coal chute in the basement of the building. Today she roams the building, and has been especially active since restoration efforts got underway. A security guard I spoke to had encountered her on several occasions. She will ride the elevator from the top of the building back to the bottom, and sometimes pushes the hands on clocks backward.

Another legend at Memorial Hall gained popularity when COSI was in residence. It's said that a ghost dog--a Scottish terrier--runs around inside the building. It is seen barking and chasing an invisible someone, or--more chillingly--just standing there, staring at you. No one seems to know what the dog is doing there, or who it was when it was alive, but it has been known to knock people over as they walk the halls.