The Central Ohio Fire Museum

Columbus's old Engine House No. 16 in Columbus, located at 260 North Fourth Street, operated as a city ladder company between 1908 and 1981. Today it houses the Central Ohio Fire Museum.

Touring it you can see placards from defunct fire stations, such as old Number Three, as well as photographs from the days of horse-drawn squads, and, most eye-catchingly, shiny classic fire trucks parked side-by-side in the garage bay, all brass railing and oversized spoke wheels and emergency running boards.

It is haunted by the snorting of ghostly horses--presumably those which were once stabled here to pull fire equipment.

Another ghost present at the fire house is that of Captain D--not the crusty sea captain of deep-fried fast food fame, but an old fire captain who used to obsessively check equipment. (His real name is Captain Dukeman.) He still continues this practice from beyond the grave.

Central Ohio Paranormal Research Group: Fire Museum



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