Ohio Dominican University

The old residence hall is said to be haunted at Ohio Dominican, which is an old Catholic University in Columbus which used to be women-only. A lot of nuns got their start here, and one apparently never left. She is supposed to be a motherly spirit who turns off appliances left on in the building and extinguishes burning cigarettes. Her story is that she was a Mother Superior at the college before it went co-ed, when it was called Saint Mary's of the Springs. When the convent burned to the ground she, along with others, died in the fire. The residence hall--Sansbury Hall--was built on the site of the old convent. It's said that the only time she ever got violent was after the school started accepting guys; she slammed doors for a few days but got over it. Now she moves things, opens doors, and makes noise, but seems more protective than frightening to the students there--boys included

Mr. Jack DeVoss of CD 101 FM in Columbus informs me that his mother passed this legend along to him after having attended school at Ohio Dominican thirty years ago.

I also received a letter from a girl who actually lives in Sansbury Hall. She says that "Mother Sans" is said to have died in a fire which consumed part of the building itself. Apparently a third floor hallway was never repaired and is full of creepy stuff. The girl who wrote to me has never seen the ghost, but says that the residents joke about it a lot.

Finally, some further information on the current status of the Sansbury hauntings, sent to me by a website reader:

I thought you might like my experience while staying at Sansbury Hall in the summer for a camp. Several things happening while I was there - all confirmed as "usual" when I talked to some of the resident nuns.

The first night I was there, a bunch of guys from the guys' floor kept telling me that there was something really strange about a statue on their floor. I don't remember which floor it is on, but it is a little alcove near the restroom. The weird thing about it is that the statue only has one hand (one had broken off at some point), but in the shadow, there are two. It is even weirder because the hand that is there holds an orb, but the hand in the shadow holds nothing. There is also a large statue of Jesus right in the lobby - he has a crown on his head. If you look at the shadow - it looks like a different crown and the outline of a much shorter woman.

We were sitting in the chapel one day for mass, and one of the counselors nudged me and said to look at the wall. We watched as a figure of a woman, which looked to be in traditional nun-garb, walked right down the wall and disappeared. Each night, we would hear keys jingling down the hall - seeming to stop at each door, and then procede on. I worked up the courage to look out one night as I heard them outside my door, but didn't see anyone. We theorized that this may have been Mother Sansbury cheking to make sure we were each in our beds - as she surely would have done with the nuns.

Finally, I came back with a friend early from dinner, as we wanted to take showers before everyone else got back (there was a dance that night). She was down one wing, and I the other, so we parted company - she going right, and I left. As I began to walk I heard what sounded like an echo of my own footsteps behind me. I thought that one of my friends was playing a prank, and I whipped around and looked - no one was there, and the footsteps stopped. I proceded to do this several times - the footsteps always started when I started, and stopped when I stopped. I got to my door, and hurried to put my keys in the door. I heard keys behind me. I walked in and laid my keys on one side of the sink - it was just inside the door - and turned my back. I heard my keys move, and turned around to find that my keys were now on the opposite side of the sink from where I laid them.

I decided to just go down to the bathroom - and as I walked into a stall - the door of the stall next to mine slammed. I climbed up on the toilet and peered into the stall. No one was there. I went ahead and went to the bathroom (by this time, I really had to go!) and when I flushed the toilet, the toilet next to mine flushed. That finally did it and I went running out of there and down the stairs until I found someone.

The strange thing is, my keys continued to be moved from one side of the sink to the other all week after that - in fact, I told my sister about it, and she witnessed it as well when she came to pick me up.

Also, I talked to some nuns and the janitors and they all told me stories - neither of whom I have no reason not to believe. The nun told me that she was in the chapel lighting candles one day and she fell into one of the candles - causing it to lean and catch one of the drapes on fire. When she started to yell for help, the fire went out instantaneously. The janitor said that she had had a similar experience to mine in the bathroom a few weeks prior. She was washing the toilets when she felt a tap on her shoulder. She looked around - no one was there. It happened again - she looked in the next stall - no one was there. It continued to happen until she became so unnerved that she went to look for her co-worker, and when she did, she heard her yelling for help. She had slipped and fallen down the stairs, and had broken a leg. The janitor also told me that Mother Sansbury's activity spikes in the summer when the students are gone - it seems that she misses taking care of people. So, it seems, our Mother Sansbury is still watching over the place - you do feel very safe there!

Very scary--especially the poltergeist activity in the bathroom. If you have any additional information or personal experiences, I'd love to post your story on the site.