Cubbage Road

Westerville, which is basically a part of Columbus, is the location of Cubbage Road, where the ghosts of a satanic cult supposedly haunt a small house, cemetery, and dam.

Homeowners here are tired of the rumors of ghosts and cult sacrifice given to the church and small cemetery in their neighborhood. Thrillseekers have kept them up so many nights that one took it upon himself to post a notice explaining how normal things really are there. Someone who wrote to me had the opportunity to meet him:

For a long while kids were always harrassing the guy. My friends and I heard that he had put a sign up that read something to the tune of "PLEASE STOP BOTHERING ME, IíM NOT A SATANIST, IM A NORMAL GUY." So my friends and I went down there to read his sign, and while we were sitting there in the car reading it the gate to the house opened and the guy pulled up and got out of his car and said, "What are you guys doing?" We said, "Just reading your sign" and he said, "You wanna come in? Iíll give you a tour."

The guy was totally normal. His house was in no way haunted or cult-like; he had a sand volleyball court in the back yard, and a dock on Hoover Reservoir. Itís quite possible that he had a sub-basement with people's heads on sticks that he didnít show us, but as far as we gathered, he was just some normal guy.