Children's Hospital

Children's Hospital in Columbus has a room or two which is supposed to be haunted. Supposedly the nurses won't go into certain corridors alone at night.

In addition, the park next door to Children's is haunted by the Pink Lady, a ghostly female figure which flits through the trees late at night. Kids in the hospital often report seeing her from their windows. The story goes that the park was built on top of an old Confederate cemetery. She is sometimes referred to as the "Gray Lady," but this is likely confusion with the ghost of Camp Chase.

The following personal account describes an outing at the park near Children's Hospital, though they use the term "Gray Lady."

We went there not expecting to see anything because the park is literally right next to the hospital. It just seemed unlikely that anything would occur there when it was in such a close proximity to the hospital and roads. We were there around nine o'clock and stayed as it continued to get darker.

Around nine thirty, we left the playground area and began to walk around the park, asking the ghost to reveal itself. My friend and I both asked this several times. At one point, we were both stopped and I gasped. For a brief second, I thought I saw something form by a picnic bench. I then thought I was just seeing things, but my friend asked if what I had seen was by the bench. I knew then that we had in fact seen the same thing.

Feeling a little more hopeful, we walked around, asking the ghost to give us a sign of her presence. About 30 seconds later, the trees started swaying and it got really windy. After the wind died down, we realized exactly how strange that was because prior to that, there had been no wind whatsoever. In fact, as we walked around, there wasn't any breeze at all. We found that really frightening and took it as the sign we had asked for. At this point I was getting really freaked out, but my friend didn't want to leave just yet, so we sat down on a bench near her car. We both just sat there talking about how strange everything was.

This part is hard to explain, but between two trees in front of us, the air started to change. Kind of could start to see a difference in the air density, if that makes any sense at all. It's just like there was something different in that spot and it was moving closer to us. We decided we were going to leave because we were both getting really freaked out and so we asked the Gray Lady to show herself or give us one last sign of her presence. A few moments later, something fell out of the tree in front of us, and that scared us quite a bit; it was enough that we went straight to her car and left promptly. If this seems a little weird, I swear it happened.