Greater Columbus Antique Mall

Employees and managers have been reporting a myriad of weird events at this antique store at 1045 South High Street for more than fifteen years. The security system is tripped so often late at night that the owners usually just ignore it; the automatic recordings it makes usually contain a weird thumping. Other sourceless noises heard there incude children playing with toy cars at the top of the stairs, as well as a couple of old ladies gossiping on an antique bench. (The smell of fresh-cooked Italian food lingers near this same bench for no apparent reason.) An employee claims to have seen a ghostly "orb" which came out of a wall and floated down the hallway; another felt an unseen something brush past.

A few ghosts are even seen at the Greater Columbus Antique Mall; a brown-suited man with a handlebar mustache is one, while a woman in a flowing yellow antebellum dress is another. The most menacing apparition appears in the form of a man in a black cape; after a couple of encounters with him, one employee never came back to work.

It turns out that 1045 South High Street was originally a private residence, before serving as two different funeral parlors. (The man in the brown suit might have worked as an embalmer.) It was an Elks Lodge from the 40s through the 70s. Columbus's Other Paper recently reported on the hauntings at the antiques mall; click the link below to read the original report.

"It's Thursday, and the Ghosts are Making Pasta" - from The Other Paper



Painter, Chad. "It's Thursday, and the Ghosts are Making Pasta." The Other Paper, 9-15 Oct. 2003, pp. 7.