A very large, warehouse-looking building on the railroad tracks in Lancaster, Hawke's Taverne at the Mill is now a restaurant and bar which features several pool tables, live music in the evenings, and a number of ghosts. It's not clear who the ghosts really are, but they appear to be quite active. People who work there hear footsteps that approach the office door and then stop; when someone looks, no one is there. The basement is particularly creepy--and haunted. The building dates back more than a hundred years and was an oil well supply warehouse when it was first built. Since then it served a long time as a wholesale grocery, before becoming a restaurant late in the last century.

Strangest of all, Chris Woodyard relates an encounter that an employee had at the Taverne at the Mill with a mysterious "man in brown" who knew intimate details of his life and became angry when the employee got suspicious. Other people in the restaurant later told him no one had been there, which makes you wonder if this person was real at all. If he is, you might just encounter him if you visit the Taverne on the right night.



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