Just off of N. Columbus Street, at 1934 Coldspring Drive, stands a house known as Spook Hollow. This large Fairfield County farmhouse was built in 1806 as a one-room brick structure, then was expanded in 1830. Today it has nine windows facing the front yard and is very much in the city of Lancaster, instead of occupying farmland well beyond the municipal borders.

How did it come to be called Spook Hollow? According to legend, a ghostly white horseman haunts the valley where the house is located; his treasure is buried on the grounds between the quince and apple orchards (both of which are long-gone). Family graves are located on the property as well. In 1956 Spook Hollow was abandoned, which probably helped the legend gain steam. Listed on the national register of historic places, it's sometimes known as the Samuel Bush or Herbert M. Turner house. Today Spook Hollow is occupied; whether the horseman still rides through the valley at night is not known.

There is another place in Ohio which goes by the name Spook Hollow; it's in Warren County, and you can read about it here.



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