The ghost of a hermit riding a mule, carrying a keg of rum, haunts the part of Hocking Township, Fairfield County, known as Pleasant Valley. He is said to walk the route he used to travel nightly when he was alive, singing a song called "Show Me the Way to Go Home."

Years ago, an old eccentric would make his way nightly along the road to the distillery in Pleasant Valley, where he would get drunk and tell stories long into the night. When he was ready, he'd load his mule up with a take-home keg and head back.

One night he disappeared. Locals raised the alarm in time to trace his tracks. They could see where he'd gone astray, heading into the swamp, and they could tell where he and his pet mule had gone down in the quicksand. But it was too late to do anything.

So now the old man and his mule haunt the valley on certain nights, endlessly travelling toward home but never quite making it.



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