Today the old B.I.S. is Southern Correctional, one of our nation's many, many, many adult prisons, but for more than a century its large campus was occupied by juvenile offenders. It opened in the 1840s and eventually housed thousands of wayward boys from all over the state--including a young Bob Hope. The kids lived in sixteen cottages named for Ohio rivers. Several of the cottages still stand on the grounds of the prison.

An old house located on or near the ground of the Boys Industrial School was supposedly the scene of a gruesome murder in 1899. Gail Parish, the daughter of the owner of the house, fell in love with her father's hired man, Johnny. When Gail's parents forbade her to see him again, he broke in and slit her throat with a razor. On the stairwell wall in her blood he wrote, "If I can't have you, no one can."

Now Gail's ghost haunts the house, and her calico dress sometimes appears in an upstairs closet.



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