Cedar Point

Cedar Point, America's greatest amusement park, has a haunted carousel horse. "Military Horse" is sometimes ridden by a spectral woman, either the wife of Daniel Muller, who carved the horse, or a woman who fell in love with it on her honeymoon. The horse, it's said, cannot be photographed without some mishap.

But that's not the only haunting at America's Roller Coast. There is the old Hotel Breakers, where seasonal employees are sometimes housed. Go left at the top of the steps on the top floor and walk out to the balcony facing the lake and you'll feel yourself being pulled over--if you're a girl. The story goes that a couple at the hotel knew they were going to be separated and made a suicide pact, then jumped off the balcony here. The guy fell to his death but the woman held onto the railing and pulled herself back up, which is pretty much typical. His ghost tries to pull girls over the edge into eternity with him, so be careful. Another part of the old hotel was the site of a suicide; a girl killed herself in the shower. Residents sometimes hear crying and see their shower turned on and off by itself.

In addition to this, there is the haunted ballroom above the arcade, which is used occasionally by the park or rented out for Proms. Spectral music is often heard there, and ghostly dancers are seen.

Finally, a preoccupied woman spirit walks the length of the Frontier Trail, even when the park is closed out of season. She is, they say, looking for her husband. She's often seen passing by CJ's Provisions on the Trail, and after she makes an appearance things are always missing, misplaced or out of order.