Triple Lock Theater

Roscoe's Triple Lock Theater, named after the canal it stands near, is plagued by cold spots and ghostly visitations. A few of the manifestations of this ghost can be read about in the story e-mailed to me which is reproduced below.

We live in Coshocton County, and our little girl is in a current production of School House Rock over at Triple Lock Theatre in Roscoe Village, and I know 9 year olds have active imaginations, but I as well as my mother have experienced ghosts in our lifetimes, and Emily I believe is no exception. Last week during rehearsals, it was blistering hot in there (July mid 90s), and while 25 of the 40 children were up on stage, Emily and another little girl had to go back towards the dressing room, and came across two green balls of light about their height, which Emily described as little cat eyes, as well as the fact that the room seemed to get really cold, although she did not seem to get freaked out about it or scared- she actually enjoyed being cooled off. Also, She while in the wagon scene, she got another cold feeling again and heard a noise like a little giggle, and a little bump on her knee like someone was sitting right across from her. I know that the theatre is not that old, but the Village is, so I do not know if it was built on top of something? But we told the director and he seemed to know all about it, even writing about his experiences in the newsletter. That is when I found out about your website and I have thoroughly enjoyed it, especially the Coshocton County part!