Wilmington College

Very similar to another haunted college--Wittenberg in Springfield--the lovely College Hall at Wilmington College is haunted by a ghostly horse. It's actually haunted by two, which is bucking the odds no matter how you look at it.

First is Ole Bill, the horse that belonged to Colonel Azariah Doan. Doan bought the unfinished main building of failing Franklin College and finished it, founding Wilmington College in the process in 1871. For some weird reason, he decided to entomb his deceased horse between the second and third floors. In 1957 a horse's skull was put on display in College Hall, part of a complete skeleton which was found during renovations to put in an elevator.

The other horse ghost is confined to the highest floor. According to college legend, a bunch of students executed a prank there decades ago which involved locking live farm animals in the building. The horse they put on the top floor went berserk and injured himself so badly he had to be put down.

Both horses are responsible for the clip-clop sound of horse hooves in the tiled hallways, as well as the sound of a horse's snorts and whinnies. No horses have been in the building, which is now used for classes and office space, in years--no living horses, anyway.

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