Tower View Apartments

The Tower View Apartment Complex in New Vienna is located near a graveyard. Whether the complex was accidentally built atop unmarked graves, or just because it's so close by, or maybe because of something which happened there, the place is said by many residents to be haunted.

Apartment 122 is haunted by the cries of a baby, as well as a sound like a bouncing ball. Things are often moved or misplaced by unseen hands. The youngest son of a family which lived there often talked to an imaginary friend he called Soccer Boy. Soccer Boy, he said, had lived in a house up the street, at the corner of SR 73 and Nordyke Road, and had died there.

Apartment 225 is the site of loud poundings and a sound like someone running around the apartment, even when no one is home. The manager often has trouble keeping the door to this apartment closed; even when securely locked, it will sometimes pop open for no apparent reason.