Promont is a very old house in Milford which was once the home of John M. Pattison, former governor of Ohio and the only Democrat in an era of northern Republicans. Pattison's governorship was a lot like William Henry Harrison's presidency; he delivered his inaugural address in a snowstorm, caught pneumonia, and died only five months after he took office in January.

The house was built between 1865 and 1867 by William G. McGrue, and was called McGrue's Folly locally because no one could understand why he'd build such a big place in the middle of nowhere. When Pattison bought it, his wife rechristened it Promont. I've always wanted to be so rich that my house has a name.

Pattison's first wife died in Promont, so he married her sister. After Pattison's death the house was owned for forty years by millionaire tobacco farmer Henry Hodges, who eventually died there. So did his wife.

Today the place is open for tours. Employess hear mysterious footsteps ascending the stairs and walking across upstairs floors. Once an employee asked another why she had grabbed her ankle, only to find out she hadn't done it.

Promont is located at 906 Main Street in Milford. You can reach them at (513) 248-1767.



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