Peaceful Valley

Peaceful Valley is anything but, if the numerous horrifying things that are said to have gone on there are true. A trip through the Valley late at night is likely to end in a frantic car chase back to civilization; a number of people have written to me describing a car, high beams glaring, that chases explorers away. The trip might also end in something worse, if the person who sent me the encounter "Chased by a Cult in Clermont County" is telling the truth:

That's when someone or something opened the drivers door and reached in for the keys. I was sitting in the passengers seat and was watching as my friend was using his free hand to try to keep the strange arm from getting to the keys. Just as I was reaching over to help someone grabbed my by my shirt collar and was trying to drag me from the car. I was scared stiff. I could not move or scream. Just then the car leached forward and we came out of the bridge and the door of the car hit the side of the bridge, knocking whoever had my shirt loose, and we went speeding down the road. None of us could believe what had just happened.

His story is much scarier in its full version; read it by clicking here. But the point is, somebody really wanted to get at them, and to stop them from driving away. It seems like a little more than just aggressive rednecks trying to scare someone.

Being chased by malevolent drivers in Peaceful Valley is apparently a common occurrence, as this more recent report indicates:

A car passed us, and we looked behind us to see where it was going, and it turned around in the church parking lot. We didn't see it again until we were off Stonelick Williams Court, when we realized it was right behind us. It chased us almost all the way to Goshen. Right before we got to the town, the car sped up really fast behind us. We all faced foreward for a second and turned back around to see where the car was. We saw tail lights for a split second and then the car was gone. There was no way it could've turned around that fast, and there were no roads or driveways it could've turned into.

Cults are thought by many to be the source of the problems that make Peaceful Valley such an ironic name. Other legends include the haunting of the covered bridge on Stonelick Road/Stonelick Williams Court, and an evil farmhouse where the number of lights visible in the windows will always equal the number of people in your car.

I once heard from a former Clermont County Sheriff's Deputy who told me that chasing people out of the "haunted" rural areas was something the local cops did pretty regularly; they'd just leave their flashers off and wait until the kids were on their way out, then turn around. This would explain a few of the stories, but what about the people in the pickup truck who assaulted the author in his friend in the "Chased by a Cult" story?

Peaceful Valley is located near Goshen, but also encompasses areas near Milford and Owensville. I definitely advise caution if you make a trip down there--and don't stop at the covered bridge unless your windows are up and your doors locked.