Dead Man's Curve

One of the darkest legends I've run across is that of dead man's curve, a dangerous turning intersection in Clermont County--according to the most common reports, at the place where 222 meets State Rout 125. The road was part of the Ohio Turnpike built in 1831, and it has a long list of victims.

In September of 1969 the State of Ohio rebuilt the road into a straight four-lane road. On October 19, 1969, five teenagers died there when their 1968 Impala was hit at more than a hundred miles an hour by a 1969 Roadrunner. There was only one survivor: a guy named Rick.

Ever since that day, the intersection has been haunted by "the faceless hitchhiker," whom Rick has seen five times. It is described as the pitch-black silhouette of a man, a "three-dimensional silhouette."

I'll offer some quotes here from Haunted Ohio III.

Rick's friend Todd: "Rick and I were heading home from Bethel to Amelia. I noticed a man's shape on the side of the road. It turned like it was hitchhiking, with an arm sticking up. The thing wore light-colored pants, a blue shirt, longer hair--and there was just a blank, flat surface where the face should have been. We looked back. There was nobody there. I've also seen the black shadow figure, walking its slow, labored, dragging walk by the side of the road."

Rick hired a psychic from Pittsburg who had never heard of the intersection and didn't want to hear about it in advance. She asked to be dropped off there for a few hours so she could feel it out. Five minutes later she called him from the deli up the road, asking him to come get her. "Someone very evil is there," she said. "He died suddenly and he is still there."

A female friend of Rick's was driving there and the shadow figure threw itself in front of her car. She felt her wheels bump over it. When she stopped, she saw it climbing onto her car with one foot on her trunk and its hands in the luggage rack. Even now she gets the shakes when she talks about it.

A driverless Impala and a mysterious green Roadrunner are seen in the area as well.

This story is of special interest to me because one night when my friends Hoss and Dan and I were driving around late at night out in the country, we saw something far ahead on the road. It was a shadow man, a tall, thin thing made entirely out of blackness, legs scissoring as it moved across the road way too fast. We all saw it, and none of us has ever been able to figure out what it was. I wish I could remember if we were in Clermont County that night.

Due to rerouting, the actual location of Dead Man's Curve is somewhat in doubt. They say it's at 222 and SR 125, near Bantam Road. As you head east on 125, 222 turns right towards Felicity and Bantam Road turns left toward East Fork Lake State Park. The spot is just below a carryout.



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